Terms & Conditions

It is our policy to obtain all shipping and payment information prior to shipping products to our customer.  All product and shipping costs must be paid for in full and in advance using a valid credit card. Yummy Co. accepts payment via Visa and Mastercard. If you are able to pick your order up at our retail location, you must still provide a payment option prior to doing so as your order must be paid for in full before it is picked up.

You are able to place an order with us online and prepay for your order here and pick up your shipment at our store if you are a resident of Alberta and have the luxury to visit us in person.  Alternatively you may place your order by phone at 403-279-YUMM(9866) or by email at info@yummyco.com.  A representative will be happy to contact you to confirm pick up day and time and to secure the order with a valid method of payment.

If you are a business and would like to place a specialty order with us, it is advised that you contact us at 403-279-YUMM(9866) to discuss your needs with a representative.  Your order must be secured with a valid company or personal credit card. Your card will not be processed until the order is complete.

Yummy Co. offers delivery of your order within the city limits between Monday and Thursdays only. A nominal fee of $15 will be charged for this service.  An invoice will accompany your order for your record keeping purposes.